Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

This last week I received a message form the organisation who provides this site. They wrote me that the site will be closed by tomorrow, October 1st, if not a fair amount of money was paid. The terms are changed, the free site is no longer available. One has to pay.

I wrote Marianne Schubert, section leader of our visual art section in Dornach, to hear if she was willing to continue this community site and pay for it, but she responded that the section also does not have the funds. 

Since 2011 we have had the possibility to inform each other, to write and read about each others work, to gather information and so on.
Those were the days that our section was in 'stormy weather', and we needed a way of meeting. The internet is fast and wide, and this seemed a good way to have a possibility to outer our selves. Since then over 150 colleagues joined, and although it was fairly calm, I still think it was a good initiative. It did what it should have done.

Now the times are calmer, we have a new section leader since 2014 and communication is possible thru the section news, the Art Section Newsletter provided by David Adams, Stil, and I think it is not a terrible loss to shut down this site.

Meaning: by tomorrow the site does not exist anymore.
I thank you for all your content, your support, warm and friendly cooperation.

We will surely meet soon, ore some later.

Wishing you all the best, with heartfelt greetings,
Rik ten Cate.

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