This is my first blog ever so if I do something strange, please let me know!

I want to share my website with you:

There is a lot to see: paintings, sculptures and other artwork.

I started as an art therapist trained by Eva Mees and other very good teachers in Academy De Wervel in Zeist (NL).  Before I studied German Literature and Languages at the University of Utrecht. So I can read/speak German fluently in case anyone would prefer this.

I worked with many clients for some years. Loving this but becoming too tired I decided I wanted to work for myself as an artist and started using oilpaint, just the material that was like forbidden in art therapy. I developed my own technique while freeing myself from tradition. I am very interested in bringing ideas of Steiner into practise:as well as what I can find about his words on art as on becoming a free (and happy) person! I am still teaching and I also work with collegues on art projects. Write to me if you would like to know something more.

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