Currently I am reading the latest Flensburger Heft about Gefühle. I've read a lot of the talks with spirits of all kind through Verena Staël von Holstein. People can think what they want about it but to me it's a serious opportunity to develop my own awareness that everything and really everything is connected to spirits, everything can speak and many spirits can be heared by us. We need to practise.

I knew something like this about the colours because I read Rudolf Steiner describing their behaviour  in the rainbow. I tried (and learned of course when I studied for art therapist at the Wervel in Driebergen/Zeist) to give space to how I notice the colours want to appear while painting. And this is what I teach others. It's an endless interaction, it only stops temporarily when a work is "finished" but starts to be alive again when a person is looking at this artwork. Every painting has this interaction in which one can become aware of the fact that one isn't making this work alone. Maybe this is what disturbs me most when I notice art that has been made just in a one way direction, when there is no "conversation", only a one way expression of the maker.

It must be possible to speak and listen to every material you work with. I love oilpaint. I love the flow of oil connecting pigments.

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