There was a lady who let me know that she had two crosses for me. When I went to visit her she turned out to be a creative person herself living in an old house in the country. At the same moment her son, a musician, was paying her a visit with his family, Such friendly and quiet people. They gave me two crosses made by her late husband.

Home again I was interested to know what kind of music her son is into. He indicated that I might not like it. Here is the link to his band: ▶ Pentacle into the fiery jaws - YouTube

They call their music Ancient Death Metal. Because I got to know him a little I could recognize him through the dark atmosphere and see this friendly face while he is growling on the stage with his guitar. It made me so happy because I could see for the first time that it can be a good thing to examine the borders and  try to find how dead death can be using music. Everything has to be found out and looked at so that we can positively change it with our spirit, with the Holy Ghost. This is how I see it.  I hope I am not offending anyone.

So I took one of the crosses, the black one and used some of my painted cd's to make my own black atmosphere. Black can be positive and good too. Let me know what you think!

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